Digital Marketing

Any marketing that uses digital channels to reach prospective customers is referred to as digital marketing. This includes mobile phone messaging (both SMS and MMS), email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing, and apps. There are organic (free) digital marketing channels, as well as paid channels. To be successful on organic channels, it requires time and a little bit of know how. Between accounting, day-to-day tasks, and sales, keeping up with the flow of work can be difficult for a small business. Since your time is already in high demand, it is important to focus your marketing efforts where they can make the biggest impact -- the digital space.

Why Market on the Internet?

Advanced targeting makes digital marketing a very COST-EFFECTIVE method of converting consumers

The ability to target specific leads helps you DRIVE TRAFFIC that takes interest in your company

INCREASES A COMPANY'S VISIBILITY in channels otherwise dominated by competition

The performance of campaigns on the Internet can be MEASURED THROUGH ANALYTICS

Digital Marketing Statistics

of all website traffic is driven by search engines
of users access social media everyday or most days
of consumers are likely to recommend a brand with good social media presence
conversion rate through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

compared to 1.7% for traditional methods like direct mail

Social Media Marketing

Posting custom content featuring projects, promotions, or product/service showcases from your business. Organic social media may not seem like a big deal, especially when everybody’s using it. However, the difference between successful organic social media campaigns and not-so-successful ones is consistency. While your competitors may not be consistent in their efforts, you can be. We practice organic growth and consistency with all of our clients.


Digital Marketing

Targeting and reaching consumers interested in your business through advertisement, search engines, email, and more. When it comes to finding success with small business digital marketing, many companies think that having a great product or service is enough. However, with competition growing day by day, it’s getting increasingly difficult to grab the attention of your prospective customers and convert them.

Google Ad Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Ad Campaigns
Website Ad Campaigns
Email Marketing

Account Management

Monitor and follow-up on leads, customer service requests, testimonials, and questions that have been submitted through any platform. On social media, small businesses can give more than scripted responses to customers. A big corporation that sells across the nation doesn’t have time to give a personalized response to each customer. A small business, on the other hand, can write a genuine response directly addressing the customer’s situation. This direct connection between consumers and brands gives small businesses the social media marketing advantage.

Google Business
Social Media Accounts
Yelp and other business review websites
Home Advisors and other trip / home improvement websites
GrubHub and other ordering / delivery services