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Why Advertise With Paper Net?

For local advertising, it is important to be continuously engaging consumers and potential customers to continue to compete with other businesses. Here you will find information on why it is equally as important to advertise as it is to have a unique product or service. If no consumers know about a business, it will never be used. Through local advertising, Paper Net will educate consumers about the product or service you offer and help drive a business’ growth through the acquisition and retention of customers. As we continue moving forward, Paper Net is looking for local advertisers to continue to propel the value and savings found in our publications.

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Are consumers aware of your business?

Advertising is the way to create awareness of your company’s identity and educate the consumer on the features and benefits of your business. If no one knows about your great product or service, it essentially doesn’t exist. We make consumers aware of your business by distributing 95k magazines to Ocala and 45k to South Marion, Lake & Sumter County’s. Paper Net prints 140,000 copies every 4 weeks. That’s 1.8 million copies each year.


Are you increasing sales or acquiring new customers?

How do you know? Advertising generate sales but the only way to know what is working is by tracking it. Your return on investment should clearly show you are getting results and should help determine if you are subsisting off of current customers alone or have new ones coming through the door. Paper Net will increase your customer traffic and, through coding, you can track your ads effectiveness.


How frequently do consumers see your brand?

Potential customers are already listening. Many consumers buy an item within one week of the purchasing decision, and savvy consumers will search for the best product at the best price. Continually circulating ads with Paper Net ensures your business will reach the consumer throughout the entire decision-making process. Paper Net keeps you in local consumer’s minds by publishing 26 editions every year!


Are you standing up to the competition?

Advertising is crucial to the survival and growth of your business. Consistent advertising gives you an advantage over competitors who reduce or eliminate their advertising since they are no longer continually in consumers’ minds. Advertising helps drive sales the whole year, even during slower seasons, by showing consumers you are a consistent and reliable brand with a clear message.


Are you using your brand to gain customers?

Advertising allows you to spread your brand awareness. When faced with a decision, a consumer is more likely to choose a business with a brand that they recognize. Paper Net uses their brand recognition to increase yours! Our publications have been running since 1983 making Paper Net the longest running Direct Mail publication in Marion, Lake, and Sumter counties. Paper Net has become a household name!


Who is your target audience?

Studies say 98% of people have a mailbox, and 78% of those who collect the mail are the decision-makers! We strategically target the purchasing decision-makers with higher levels of disposable income who are just readers. Each of our publications target a different demographic, which means we reach the consumers that comprise your audience. "Paper Net, Your Media and Print Specialists"

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