About Us

Paper Net Magazine

Established in 1983, Paper Net has given more consumers the best local deals around. We are the Shopper’s Guide for residents in our community in which everyone can use, to stretch their budget, and to spend their time and dollars more wisely. That’s why consumers call Paper Net a buyer’s magazine.

With over 1.9 million magazines direct mailed each year in the Marion, Lake and Sumter County areas Paper Net is a “Household Name”. We support our advertisers’ expectations, and can help you get the most out of your advertising dollar.

We were initially designed with the small business owner in mind. Yet corporations and national chains have found the high-quality graphics in our full-color, high-gloss publication an immediate draw.

Your Ad is professionally designed, printed, & mailed directly to your customers.

98% of Consumers get mail daily, and Paper Net delivers Value straight to the mailbox, with Trackable advertising, with hot offers that bring you proven and maximum results to your investment. The best ROI possible.

It’s always the perfect time to advertise to retirees with high-end, disposable incomes. Paper Net has the “Longest Shelf Life” than any other media with, more affordable rates over any advertising media around.

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