Screen Room Drains

Screen Room Drains is a family owned and operated business that provides a drainage solution for standing water left behind in your Lanai, Screen Room or Pool Enclosure after it rains, pressure washing, or simply using a garden hose to clean.

This patented design blends in perfectly with your aluminum framing whether its white or bronze and is completely out of the way while doing what it is meant to do, eliminate standing or pooling water in your screened area. Better yet, the drain is made of durable polypropylene that is manufactured in the USA and will continue to do its job for many years.

Bob Earls and his wife Sharon came to Florida from the North to enjoy the warmer weather and try retirement. Although they certainly enjoy the weather, it was very clear they weren’t quite ready for those rockers on the front porch just yet. Sharon has continued to use her talents in sales and home decorating. Bob, on the other hand, never dreamed he’d be the inventor of a patented product after being an Army Veteran and working 31 years as an Engineer for the Railroad. Its true what they say about not being able to keep a determined man down. Bob instantly realized the need for a drainage solution at his own home and began working on this idea that so many other homeowners were also experiencing. Today, we now have the final product that allows the standing or pooling water to escape and drain freely.

Screen Room Drains wants customers to know that they not only offer a great product, its affordable! This family owned and operated business has strong family values and upholds the integrity that you would expect from such a business. You can be guaranteed fantastic customer service from start to finish.

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