Is your Website working?

Mobilegeddon Is Back – Is your website mobile friendly?

On March 26 2018, Google officially announced that they started rolling out their mobile-first Indexing. What does it mean for you?

THE GOOD: You can outperform your competitors in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) if you follow the rules of the Mobilegeddon game.

THE BAD: Your rankings might drop if you fail to optimize your site.

If don’t optimize your site for the Google mobile-first index properly, the chances are that even your desktop rankings will eventually drop.

THE UGLY: If you are not up to date with your website it will only get harder to fix in the future.


Additional Factors to keep in mind:

Website Security: Is your website secure?

A lot has been made about the security of a businesses website.

Even the most simple websites have at least a contact form. This means that data from the user to the business is transferred when a form is filled out and submitted on a website.

Having the proper security protocols in place are essential to not only a secure website but the page placement results on search engines. To know if you do or not, visually you will see a green lock next to your website address in your browser. This indicates the website is secure with a SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

On Site Optimization-  Do you have the proper SEO Metadata?

Creating an accurate description, emotional hook, relevant keywords, and effective call-to-action into 300 characters is a learned art form.

Crafting compelling metadata is a powerful skill; and one that takes practice, careful thought, and consideration. Unfortunately, because most metadata is never seen by site visitors, this vital SEO element often gets neglected by site owners. It’s important to remember that search engines do see this information; this is how they learn what content is featured on a page. And that’s why it should never be ignored.

Metadata is comprised of three key elements: Title, keywords, and description. Each component plays an important role and supplies different information to search bots and Google users alike. Meta descriptions let bots and users know what the page is about and what information can be found there. This has a profound impact on click-through rates; and a site’s CTR certainly has an effect on SERP rankings.

If your metadata is structured and written correctly, it will entice users to visit your site. If it is improperly handled, however, Google will replace the description with its own version; and that might not communicate the message you are looking to relay.

Google – Are you listed with Google business and places?

Does your business have a proper business listing and accurate location information?

If not, your business will most certainly suffer. This is a free service provided by Google and other search engines. For Google, having your business listed and your location accurate will give you more opportunity for someone to find you. If you put in the search phrase, find tire repair service near me or tire service in a specific geographic location, organically a list of businesses may appear that are working from Google places. This shows like businesses that perform tire services in that area. If you click on one of them a knowledge box will appear that has all their information including hours of operations, phone number, address, website and more. This is important for any business. So make sure to see if your listings show and that they are accurate. Also, take a moment to go to Google My Business and make sure you are listed. If not claim the business and get to work.

Paper Net – We have you covered!

Paper Net website development assures all these particulars are considered and covered with your website build. We understand that if you are a new business and creating a presence online it is important to have a well crafted website and proper listings with search engines.

Keep in mind, we build websites for organic search results. Once you have a website that meets all of the above criteria you can venture into paid search results on search engines. This is referred to as PPC (pay per click) and depending on your industry and competition can be expensive to start and to continue.

Paper Net websites are constructed using a WordPress framework. Each website can easily be managed by the client. Paper Net provides a tutorial on use and a one hour walk through of how to manage and create more on your website.

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