Facebook Business Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Primarily Facebook Advertising.

There really should be no more question if Social Media is effective in a businesses marketing strategy.
Granted for a lot of people they think that Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is simply a way for people to announce what they had for dinner or what color their crazy cat is. Yes, people do continue to post the darnedest things, but these are just people in your community. The second truth of the matter is those same people are on this channel interacting with their digital environment. If that is the case, do you not have a captive audience?

We believe you do and with the right amount of understanding and knowledge you can leverage this captive viewership into serious returns for your business. Did you know that Facebook is the world’s largest social network platform? I bet you did.
But what you may not know is that Facebook has more than 2 Billion users. In the USA and Canada alone there is more than 183 Million people on Facebook each day. That is 80 million more people than tuned in to watch this past years Super Bowl.
That is astonishing!

To start with, if you don’t already have a business page for your business. Get on that. That is #1
Second thing is understand what and how frequently you want to post and share valuable information about your business. It is not something you have to do every single day, but keep it organic and it will do well. For example, if you are able to create a post three times a week. Do that.
If that is manageable, we agree that is a good approach and mindset to have. Keep your post interesting and appealing to the ones you are trying to reach. Images are always nice to accompany a post with as these are visual elements that can tell a 1000 word story. Like the old saying…
A picture is worth a 1000 words. (As long as it is a picture worth the words of course)

Setting up your Facebook business page or any social media profile for your business you will want to consider some important things.
1. Have a quality image for your profile image – This should be your logo and is the square profile image that is seen with your posts.
2. Have a quality image as your timeline cover photo – Make this something that is about you and what you may do or offer or represent
3. The information you put in the about section. Include your story, the correct address and contact information, your website url and hours of operations.
4. Make sure the template for your business page is conducive to your industry. There are multiple templates with different tabs that work for your business.
5. Make sure to create a page name. I.e @papernetmagazine  РThis is our page name and if you simply copied this into the search field on Facebook we would come up in the results. Showing our page and posts. This also allows other to tag you and mention you.

Note: You do need a personal FB account to create a business page because someone has to be assigned the administrator.


Well, you are posting organically now, you are telling everyone about your business page, you have invited everyone you can think of to go and like/follow your business page so what is next?

The next thing is to advertise your business. Reach people outside of your personal social circle and give to them the knowledge and introduction to your business. This leads us to your first campaign. We suggest an awareness campaign. WHY? Because it attracts people that will soon follow and like your page, build a more captive and responsive audience and it allows others to share you with their circles. You can see where all that leads.
More people, more people and more people knowing who you are and what you are about.

Here are 9 simple steps for a successful Facebook business ad campaign.
1. Define your audience – Who, where, what etc…
2. Have set goals in mind – They are different for every business but you want to think of the return you will get for your advertising investment.
3. Content mix – 1/3 of your general posts should inform, 1/3 should sell and 1/3 should strive to build relationships with your audience.
4. Stay up to date with your business page. – Build it and they will come theory with emphasis on providing a road map for users to follow.
5. Understand the various ad types and structures that are best for your businesses success.
6. Keep ramping up the number of people that are interacting with your page.
7. Understand the budgeting and placements of your ad campaign.
8. Make sure to understand the terms and rules Facebook has for images and content that is considered acceptable.
9. Monitor and track the results and analytics from your campaign.

Finally here are some statistics on Facebook
1. More American adults use Facebook than any other social media network
2. 88% of people between the ages of 18 to 29 use Facebook
3. As far as gender – it is almost a dead split 50/50 male & female
4. Facebook users are likely to have some college education
5. With higher educated Facebook users they also tend to have higher levels of income
6. Facebook users are an international crowd of people
7. Facebook users spend nearly half and hour a day using the site
8. Facebook is largely used to find and share live events and places of commerce
9. More and more people are now getting their news from Facebook
10. Most often users on Facebook are on a mobile device
11. Short videos are a big deal and so is the message
12. 95.8 percent of social media marketers say Facebook delivers the best ROI

*Some statistics and information has been researched with Hootsuite and Facebook statistically information.


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