Basic Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing is a lot like any other marketing or advertising. A business should have clear goals, a way to track progress, and there should be a coordinated effort between all platforms to achieve these goals. A business should choose platforms that effectively display the products or services that are offered. This starts with the business’ website and the features that are offered there, then the social media platforms, and any ad campaigns.

Coordinated Digital Marketing Strategy

A website should consist of all end points for coordinated efforts on other platforms. For example, a restaurant might develop a website with online ordering or table reservation features. On other platforms and in their online ad campaigns, the restaurant would want to drive traffic to these features. For example, a restaurant might post a picture of a delicious dish and exclaim “You could be eating this tonight! Reserve a table now at [link to reserve a table on website].” Driving traffic to the website is important for building consumer trust, tracking traffic, and boosting ROI for the website.

These efforts have more benefit then getting consumers in a business’ door. If customers are using your online tools, then your staff is free to do more important things, like focus on in-store customers or issues.

Uncoordinated Digital Marketing Strategy

The method discussed above is a form of coordinated marketing to followers already interested in a business. However, nowadays, consumers use the internet like a phone book searching its pages for a product or service that suits them best. 93% of all online traffic is directed through a search engine (Search Engine Journal). A business should ensure that search results accurately catalog the business and what is offered. This is an uncoordinated marketing method to reach consumers in need.

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