American Green is a lucky 1, 2, 3

American Green is a lucky 1, 2, 3

3 owners, 3 major categories of offerings and aspiring for three locations, American Green has found luck in threes with their business. In 2008, Chris Sias, Ferlin Hulsey and Dmarius Gadson were all working for a large company that experienced a corporate buy out. As the new corporation took over operations, the three men saw a drop in the quality. Being the honest guys that they are, none of them felt comfortable continuing to work for the organization and they ventured out on their own.

“We service the community that we live in and we want to make it as beautiful as we can,” explains Dmarius Gadson, one of the three owners of American Green. “We strive to give personal service, customized to each individual customer’s need, in the most environmentally responsible way possible,” he continues.

Nearly 50 years of combined experience paired with the educational courses, certifications and licensing for Indoor & outdoor Pest Control, Landscape Design & Maintenance, and Irrigation systems, American Green Landscape Management can fulfill many of the needs of homeowners. “We really care about our employees. We strive to educate them, help them grow and to become the best in our field because them doing a quality job is what separates us from our competitors,” explains the trio of men, “We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and close relationships with our customers,” they continued.

It is that quality that the trio of men are banking on to assist them in building their future which includes expansion south into the Villages and North into the Gainesville area. American Green offers top quality Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control Services, Lawn maintenance, Professional Landscaping, Irrigation system installation and repair, and more. They are one of the only companies in the area which offers Palm Tree injections. To find out more about American Green, contact their office at 352-843-2800

or visit them online at: